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SARDEL: The Honors Community is grateful to be able to read and discuss a select literary work in the president’s home with a nice dinner. We’re getting in contact with the new President Marty to keep the program going. We’re currently in the process of searching for a new name so keep us updated with any ideas. Former works included Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Sunday Bagels: Honors students gather for brunch on quiet Sunday mornings to enjoy bagels, hot coffee, and good company.

Random Night Dinner (RND): Come enjoy free dinner and enlightening conversation with a highlighted member of drake honors faculty!

First Year Retreat: Every year Honors EC invites first years to join them in zip-lining and retreat fun to get to know fellow students. Former activities included glow-in-the-dark dodgeball, karaoke, Cards Against Humanity, and enjoying food that is not Sodexo!

Trivia Night: Honors invites other Drake Organizations to join in a fun and upbeat night of trivia and prizes! Last year we gave away gift cards, cactuses, and a hammock!

Fall Outing: Join us on a trip to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard to celebrate the fall season!

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