Where are they now? 
Drake Alumni are spread across the globe, many of whom found homes here in the honors program. Once an alum, always an alum.

Darci Vetter
, an Honors student was awarded the Young Alumni Achievement Award by Drake University this past year. According to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, “Darci Vetter serves as Chief Agricultural Negotiator with the rank of Ambassador at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. She is responsible for bilateral and multilateral negotiations and policy coordination regarding agricultural trade.”

10734263_10205515484268823_3030427086192617738_nKatie Ortman shares her honors experience,
Since graduating in May of 2015, I started working for the Des Moines Social Club, an arts an culture non-profit, as the Volunteer Coordinator. My duties go far beyond coordinating volunteers – on any given day, I might be helping write a grant, coordinating projects with different artists, troubleshooting problems with our online database and ticketing system, training interns, giving a tour of the building, or otherwise helping at one of the 700 events we do in a year. I was more involved than most honors students at Drake, serving as president of the Honors Student Council, editor of the honors journal, honors practicum leader, and frequenter of honors classes. At first, I overloaded my schedule with all things honors because I had no major and no direction, but as continued at Drake, I realized I was surrounded in the Honors program by some of my best friends, most admired professors, and most meaningful experiences – so I continued to be involved, up until completion of my Honors Senior Thesis! The Honors Program not only guided my studies while at Drake to ultimately help me choose a major, but it also taught me how to be proactive, inquisitive, thoughtful, critical, and creative. Aside from material I learned in class, I learned how to talk to people, to confidently lead, to write effectively, to embrace challenges, and I learned what my interests were. Some of my best memories of my college experience come from weekly council meetings, Random Night Dinners, or conversations with my Honors friends outside of class. At risk of sounding cliched, being part of the Honors community was the best decision I made at Drake

Tracy Bainter has recently been honored by Drake, Tracy was an honors student during her time here and even helped the recruitment committee write honors acceptance letters while an undergraduate student! Check it out!

url-1Pie and Alumni
During the Drake Relays we invite Honors Alumni to come meet and eat with current honors students to share their experiences


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