Where are they now -Megan Bannister

Megan graduated from Drake in 2013 with degrees in journalism and anthropology. During her time at Drake, she took advantage of a number of activities relating to the Honors Program, but the most memorable was her study abroad experience in Barcelona. Not only did her semester in Spain count for honors credit toward her degree but the program also helped her to land an internship at a trilingual weekly newspaper for the duration of her time in Barcelona. It was an incredibly unique experience that she knew she wouldn’t have had anywhere else! As a member of the Honors Program, she spent countless class hours looking at problems in new ways and learning how to have discussions about complex, real-world issues. Whether that’s translated to experiences in her career or the personal relationships she has developed, the Honors Program gave me the tools to utilize my degrees in settings I never could have imagined. Megan is currently working full-time as the Social Media Manager at the Des Moines Art Center. In addition, she is also a freelance writer for a number of organizations and online publications. Megan had only glowing remarks about the Honors program, including; “The Honors Program is a fantastic way to take a different approach to the courses you need to graduate. Some of the most unique, engaging classes I took during my time at Drake were Honors Program courses and each related to topics that I still regularly discuss in my post-graduate life.”


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