Random Night, Dinner!

As students head home for spring break and a week of home cooked meals, I would like to share a recent event held by the Honors department. The event, called Random Night Dinner, was held on February 24. On this night Honors Council invited Professor Jennifer McCrickerd, director of the Honors Program to come and speak on a topic of her choice.

Lucky for attendees, McCrickerd brought a puppy that they could play with. Ronin, a 14 week old German Shepherd puppy, is being trained in a European show style which focuses on obedience and attention to commands.

With Ronin scurring aroudn the room getting attention from everyone, McCrickerd spoke about why she chose the topic of dogs for one of her new classes. She explained, “Dogs are the most interdisciplinary subject I can think of; from biology and phisiology, to communications, and branding….”

The meal the accompanied this active discussion featured pesto and marinara pasta with garlic bread, yum!

Picured below is Professor Jennifer McCrickerd with dog Ronin.

February RND.JPG



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